Keanu Reeves Joins ‘Sonic 3’ as Shadow

Paramount's recent announcement follows a dynamic showcase at CinemaCon, unveiling fresh details about Sonic 3.

Jim Carrey's portrayal of Dr. Robotnik's post-Sonic 2 slump, redeemed by the creation of Shadow the Hedgehog, adds depth to the character's arc

Shadow the Hedgehog, introduced in Sonic Adventure 2, emerges as a contrasting figure to Sonic, embodying darkness and edge.

The success of Sonic the Hedgehog in 2020 breathed new life into video game adaptations at the box office, a trend continued by Sonic 2's global earnings of $404 million in 2022

Director Jeff Fowler spearheads all three Sonic movies, with Ben Schwartz voicing Sonic alongside James Marsden's Tom Wachowski.

Keanu Reeves maintains his blockbuster streak with roles in recent hits like John Wick: Chapter 4 and The Matrix: Resurrections, and upcoming projects including Aziz Ansari's Good Fortune and the John Wick spinoff, Ballerina.