Arsenal takes title race with Man City to final day of Premier League season 

Against the odds, the Hawks soared to the top, shaking up the draft board. Now, the question lingers: will they shake up their roster too

Once again relegated to the fifth pick, the Pistons face another uphill climb in their rebuilding journey. With a less enticing draft pool, internal development is paramount.

A slight win on the margins, the Spurs nudged up to fourth, offering a chance to address their roster needs. Can they find a complementary piece for their rising star

Knocked down to sixth, the Hornets must regroup under new leadership. With young talent showing promise, they seek a spark to reignite their trajectory.

Slipping to seventh, the Blazers face uncertainty in the post-Lillard era. Amidst ups and downs, they hunt for a cornerstone to anchor their future.

Surprising everyone by leaping into the top three, the Rockets shake up the draft order and ignite speculation about their future plans