10 Teachings By Sadhguru

Don't stumble through life. Cultivate clear vision to navigate challenges effectively.

1. Clarity Over Confidence

Don't be a prisoner of the status quo. Seek growth by transforming limitations into possibilities.

2. Embrace Change

Don't let preferences control your actions. Live authentically by acting with awareness.

3. Beyond Likes & Dislikes

Move beyond impulsive responses. Choose conscious actions for a more empowered life.

4. Action, Not Just Reaction

Don't be ruled by your thoughts. Learn to observe and manage your mind for inner peace.

5. Tame Your Mind

Amidst life's noise, discover calmness within for better decision-making.

6. Find Stillness Within

Don't be swayed by emotions. Respond thoughtfully to situations for positive outcomes.

7. Respond, Don't React

Don't chase fleeting pleasures. Pursue activities that contribute meaningfully to the world.

8. Live a Life of Value

Don't settle for mediocrity. Break free from limitations and explore your full potential.

9. Unleash Your Potential

Don't take life for granted. Find joy in the simple act of being alive.

10. Celebrate Your Existence